The Secret Place: A Reflection of Moses

screen-shot-2017-01-21-at-5-19-17-amHe that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. – Psalm 91:1

Face to face, this man God knew

In cherished ways, though known by few

With gaudy epochs long since passed

‘Ere this old man, to God had asked—

“Your face, pure glory, let me see

In ways, hid from humanity.

Bushes burned and seas split wide

Stony water from its side

Such miracles, I’ve seen them all

And none compel my soul to call

Upon this latent God He be

As could a glimpse of glory see.”

Then God, so vicious, yet benign

Chock full in glory, light Divine

Stooped low—He placed this fallen man

Into a rocky cleft to stand.

Just then, his booming thundrous voice

Declared His action and His choice

“By you, my goodness, it shall pass

But never will I, as you asked,

Reveal my face, in unveiled hues

For fallen eyes have no excuse

To see pure glory such as this

For ‘ere they see—Death’s lip’s he’ll kiss.”

Now yonder mountain thundered, shook

As Moses feared to take a look

Of all that he had asked to see

With flinching pain—on bended knee.

God’s backward parts, while looming near

The frail man struck with hopeless fear

But then—his mind and heart held hands

And pieced together age-old strands

Of truth—which fear had long cast out—

How all this glory came about

He wanted more—was not content

With partial views—his heart was meant

To brim in thirsting passion for

His God—His goal to love; adore.

In infant times this dungeon grim

Had fostered jaundiced thoughts of Him

But now His Presence, full and sweet—

Protection from the noxious heat

Became his boon—a secret place

Where acid fears would soon efface

‘Twas here, God’s mighty shadow fell

On glinting eyes that soon would tell

The story brave, to those below

Who wondered how his face did show

A thousand tales—resplendent glee

That he observed on bended knee.

Eons passed—this pleasant pain

In story form is quick to rain

Upon our minds, in surfeit tints

How mortal man may catch a glimpse—

The Secret Place, where those who stay

Provides sweet views of Beauty’s ray.






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