How Were Abijam and Asa Related?

Answering 439 Bible Contradictions: #6

Answer: Asa is the son of Abijam and the grandson of Maacah.

Problem: 1 Kings 15:8 says that Maacah is the mother of Abijam (father of Asa; 1 Kings 15:2), while 1 Kings 15:13 says Maacah is the mother of Asa.

Explanation: The previous post already answered this supposed quandary by observing that “mother” does not necessarily refer to first-generation descendants. This isn’t difficult to comprehend, as though we’re dealing with some bizarre cultural practices like widow burning or foot binding. Westerners recognize that William Osler is the “Father of Modern Medicine” and the father of Edward without the least bit of controversy. Asa ended pagan practices to such an extent that he even deposed his “mother” (actually Grandma Maacah) from her position as queen mother.

Nit picking at Old Testament uses of “mother” and straw grasping at Abijam’s lineage by Sam Harris and other anti-theists proves all the more that Christians are not the only ones with presuppositions. Atheists already know the person they want to hire—they’re just following the Rooney rule for protocol sake. The only difference is that Christians admit their presuppositions about the Bible (Scripture is infallible) while atheists do not (Scripture is fallible).

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