Disciples of Christ live between two cultures: this world and the next. We dwell as “strangers and exiles on earth” (Heb. 11:13) — called to live and love among our fellowman in this domain, yet implored to strive and struggle for our real abode in heaven (Jn. 17:14).

The missionary’s residence between two cultures is even more pronounced. He lives as a foreigner not only among the wolves but among the sheep. Jesus commissioned this unique armada of evangelists into the world to make disciples. It is upon the ramparts of this noble calling that we have taken our place.

I am the husband of one wife, a student of two cultures, a follower of three Persons, and a father of five children.

Two college trips to Ghana and Hudson Taylor’s two-volume biography wooed me toward missions. In 2006 I began living in a rural South African village where for the first year and a half I resided with the chief’s children and one of his wives. There was no running water but the close proximity to the people helped me learn the language and make disciples.

In 2007 while in Mozambique, the news of our crocodile attack reached the States–including the ears of a lovely RN and midwifery student at Vanderbilt University. We wed the next year.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.56.49 PMWe planted Trinity Baptist in the rural village of Mbhokota (Google Earth) where I preach and evangelize in the Tsonga language each week. We are spreading out to surrounding villages in hopes of establishing churches there as well. The greatest challenges we face in ministry are men leaving the village and the Prosperity Gospel. Several men who have graduated from our Bible Institute are now faithfully pastoring churches in the rural areas of Zimbabwe. Despite our many failures through the years, our Lord has graciously been fashioning us into his image.

I studied at Reformed Theological Seminary where I wrote my thesis on pastoring polygamists and am taking additional classes at The Master’s Seminary.
A general once said: “On land, I am a hero, but at sea I am a coward.” Likewise, in the US we are restless, but in rural Africa we are invigorated. As the years go by, our love for Jesus and his word deepens as we seek to do all for the glory of his name.

Our family (pronounced SHLAY-line) lives about an hour’s drive from the borders of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana. We own a pack of German Shepherds, cheer for the Green Bay Packers, endorse the 1689, and read non-fiction by the pallet. Our favorite authors include Thomas Watson, Jay Adams, John Frame, Thomas Sowell and Martin Lloyd-Jones.

For more, email us here

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