This internship is a training environment in the context of regular, day-to-day ministerial life that equips men aspiring to be leaders, missionaries, pastors or godly men.

Immersion is the focus. The internship exists to saturate potential, future missionaries into a foreign context that will force them to think carefully about their gifting and the nature of  missions.

The course of study focuses on missions and how it relates to the local church. Reading, writing papers, discussing papers, and providing opportunities for service represent one of the primary means by which this is accomplished. In addition to the reading and writing assignments mentioned above, there is a strong observational and involvement component.


  1. Who is the ideal candidate for an internship
    1. A man headed toward or considering vocational ministry and already investing in Bible college or seminary training.
    2. An individual who is in need of practical experience and is not committed to a ministry.
  2. What are some things expected of the intern?
    1. Church: attend the majority of ministry events at Trinity throughout the week
    2. Evangelism, counseling, funerals: observe and escort the missionary during some of these events
    3. Family worship: observe family worship in the missionary home
    4. Read and write about assigned books
  3. About how much would it cost?
    1. $2,500 for three months (general estimate). Airfare, food and books are the primary costs.
    2. Housing is provided for single men
    3. No vehicle is provided
  4. How long does the internship last?
    1. Short track (summer break): 13 weeks
    2. Extended track: 4-7 months
  5. What are some books I’ll be reading and reviewing?
    1. Paul the Missionary, Schnabel
    2. The St. Andrew’s Seven, Piggen, Roxborogh
    3. Just Do Something, DeYoung
    4. Missionary Methods, Allen
    5. Father of Faith Missions, Dann
    6. The Doctrine of Repentance, Watson
    7. The Trellis and the Vine, Marshall, Payne
    8. Let the Nations Be Glad, Piper
  6. How do I apply?
    1. Email for an application here