Book Reviews


  1. African Christian Ethics – Kunhiyop
  2. The Bondage of the Will – Luther
  3. Calvin and the Biblical Languages – Currid
  4. Christ’s Prophetic Plans – ed. MacArthur, Mayhue
  5. Darwin on Trial – Johnson
  6. Delighting in the Trinity – Reeves
  7. The Doctrine of Repentance – Watson
  8. An Essential Guide to Speaking in Tongues – Phillips
  9. Five Points of Calvinism – Steele, Thomas, Quinn
  10. The Gospel for Muslims – Anyabwile
  11. Neither Poverty Nor Riches – Blomberg
  12. Flame of Yahweh: Sexuality in the Old Testament – Davidson
  13. For the Glory of God – Block; a biblical theology of worship from an author both biblical and eclectic.
  14. God Wants You Well – Wommack 
  15. The Reason for God – Keller
  16. The Scripture Cannot Be Broken – ed. MacArthur
  17. The Serrated Edge – Wilson; Satire and ridicule are valid weapons for Christians to use in guarding truth and fighting error, as exemplified by Jesus and the Reformers.
  18. Slave – MacArthur; everyone is a slave, either to sin or to Christ.
  19. Theonomy in Christian Ethics – Bahnsen
  20. The Truth About Same-Sex Marriage – Lutzer
  21. Turning to God – Wells


  1. Coming to Grips With Genesis
  2. Ephesians Commentary – Hoehner
  3. Finally Alive – Piper
  4. Parables – MacArthur; Parables make hard truths understandable to the tender-hearted but hide truths to the hard-hearted.
  5. Showing the Spirit: A Theological Exposition of 1 Cor 12-14 – Carson

Christian Living

  1. Crazy Busy – DeYoung
  2. A Gospel Primer for Christians – Vincent
  3. The Great Gain of Godliness – Watson
  4. Hole in our Holiness – DeYoung
  5. How to Speak How to Listen – Adler
  6. Ordering Your Private World – MacDonald
  7. Praying the Savior’s Way – Thomas
  8. Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices – Brooks
  9. Purity Principle – Alcorn
  10. Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment – Burroughs
  11. Resisting Gossip – Mitchell
  12. Worldliness: Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World – Mahaney


  1. Amy Carmichael – Murray; a rare brief biography by the great biographer himself. Overviews the life, victories and flaws of the celebrated woman missionary.
  2. Cry, the Beloved Country – Paton
  3. Hunting Eichmann – Bascom
  4. I Write What I Like – Biko
  5. Jan Christian Smuts: A Biography – Smuts
  6. John Adams – McCullough
  7. John G. Paton – Paton; a quotable, missionary classic of courage and evangelism among the cannibals of the South Seas.
  8. Reformation – Trueman; the Reformers can help the contemporary church fix many of their problems.


  1. Manly Dominion – Chanski
  2. Reforming Marriage – Wilson
  3. She Calls Me Daddy – Wulgemuth; a Christian perspective on how fathers are to raise their daughters. Light, practical, and humorous.
  4. Strengthening Your Marriage – Mack
  5. Swiss Family Robinson – Wyss
  6. Withhold Not Correction – Ray


  1. When Helping Hurts (Part 123456) – Corbett and Fickert
  2. Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours – Allen
  3. Paul the Missionary – Schnabel
  4. Silence – Endo


  1. Addictions – Welch
  2. The Conviction to Lead – Mohler; leadership is not management; it is the combo of competence and character. Book has added weight due to Mohler’s credentials.
  3. Deep Preaching – Edwards
  4. The Forgotten Spurgeon – Murray
  5. How to Help People Change – Adams
  6. Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage – Adams
  7. Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor – Carson
  8. The Ministry – Brown; a small paperback first delivered to seminary students on the nature of ministry. The closing sections on visitation and Communion are the best.
  9. Paul’s Theology of Preaching – Litfin; an exegesis and application of 1 Co. 1-4. Preachers are proclaimers not orators, their duty attention/explanation, not yielding.
  10. The Power of Speaking God’s Word – Ellsworth
  11. Preaching? Simple Teaching on Simple Preaching – Motyer; Sermons are bad because they are confusing. Preachers improve when they learn to be plain & unmistakable.
  12. Preaching Pure and Simple – Ollyott
  13. Pulpit Aflame – eds. Beeke and Benge; a steady guide to good expositional preaching by some of the best Reformed preachers today.
  14. The Real Scandal of the Evangelical Mind – Trueman; the real scandal is no Evangel, not no mind. The term “evangelical” has virtually no meaning today.
  15. Saving Eutychus – Millar, Campbell
  16. The Trellis and the Vine – Marshall, Payne
  17. What is the Mission of the Church – DeYoung, Gilbert; the mission of the church is the Great Commission, not social justice.
  18. Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns – Gordon; a unique book on style in music. Johnny can’t sing hymns because he is addicted to pop culture.


  1. Culture Counts – Scruton; a book of tools to judge the virtues of culture
  2. The Devil’s Dictionary – Bierce; a dictionary of satire
  3. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Stevenson; a classic novel on total depravity.
  4. The New Well-Tempered Sentence – Gordon; a creative book on punctuation designed to make the reader gasp, guffaw, and giggle.
  5. Wordsmithy – Wilson; seven tips for better writing that are witty, quotable, and humorous.




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