Limpopo Bible Institute

DSCN1455LBI began in 2008 when several recently converted young men wanted more teaching than what we could give them on Sunday. We started with three Vendas, one Sotho, and one Tsonga. Our own ministries are in the rural areas, so we sought those in a similar locale along with men who wanted to minister in such a milieu.

IMG_0575Several graduates have returned to Zimbabwe to plant churches in their rural villages. Though the Zimbabwean economy has collapsed, the jobs few, the AIDS rate high, and corruption prevalent, these men have still returned to their families to plant churches. We have attended their church services and baptism celebrations and watched them grow into faithful and humble pastors. They do not love money like so many in the Prosperity crowd sweeping through Africa.

IMG_2818The mission of the Limpopo Bible Institute is to magnify the glory of God by producing students with an understanding of the Scriptures, a love for Christ, a skill for preaching, and a zeal for pioneer missions.

LBI desires to give the students the whole council of God as revealed in Scripture. Class lectures highlight this by placing a special emphasis upon systematically teaching through every book of the New Testament. Of the forty-plus courses, some of the favorites are Ethics, Logic, Hermeneutics, Spiritual Disciplines, and Pastoral Theology.


Some LBI grads and church leaders

These men continue to preach the Scriptures faithfully, refuse to cater their message to the desire of the masses, and love their flock. They need our prayers, as Zimbabwe is listed as the second poorest nation on earth.

Over the last few years, LBI classes have scaled back to informal night classes.

12 thoughts on “Limpopo Bible Institute

  1. My name is Sontaga Ntatamala, i stay in Matoks Botlokwa ga Ramokgopa. I would like to attend the bible school can you send me your contact details and address.

  2. I am interested to study at your institution. May you please send me information about your institution, on how to go about studying.

  3. Am very please with the great work of the lord you are planting in people, please allow me to be part of the student at your well established institution,
    your positive response will be a blessing to my soul

  4. I have honours degree in both management and sciences have a diploma in theology from private college in polokwane,was ordained as pastor since 1995.Also have trained as a chaplain
    Kindly sent me your prospectus, I want to further studies

  5. my name is Mark Tembo I would like to attend and learn at your college may you please send me your phone number and address

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