Read by Year

These are some of the books I’ve read by year. Hyperlinked books I fully reviewed elsewhere. Book of the Year gets **. Surprise Book of the Year gets !.


Books Author Rating Month
1.     What’s Your Worldview? Anderson Pretty good January
2.     The Family at Church Beeke Good January
3.     The Heart of the Bible MacArthur Fair January
4.     Leadership MacArthur Very good February
5.     George Whitefield, V.1 Dallimore Outstanding February
6.     The Boys in the Boat Brown Fun February
7.     Alive Read Good March
8.     The Doctrine of Repentance Watson Always good March
9.     Why Africa is Poor Mbetwa Good, bad March
10.  Flags Out Front Wilson Very good March
11.  How to Get Unstuck Perman Very good March
12.  The Case for Classical Christian Education Wilson Excellent April
13.  Susie Rhodes Good April
14.  A Company of Heroes Keesee Good May
15.  African Christian Theology Kunhiyop Pretty good May
16.  Daddy Tried Bayly Excellent July
17.  Marriage as Covenant Hugenberger Excellent November
18.  God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel Hinn Good October
19.  Passions of the Heart ! Street Bravo October
20.  Father of Faith Missions ** Dann Excellent October
21.  Friends of Calvin Van den Berg Okay November
22.  Apostolic Church Planting Payne Very good November
23.  Do More Better Challies Helpful November
24.  The New Pastor’s Handbook Helopoulos Good December
25.  Swiss Family Robinson Wyss Fun December
26.  Budgeting for a Healthy Church Dunlop Good December
27.  The Man in the Dark Wilson Fun December
28.  Fit to Burst Jancovich Good December
29.  Christian Love Binning Disappointing December
30.  Beauty Miravelle Good, bad December


Books Author Rating Month
1.     The Heart is the Target Cahill Excellent January
2.     The Pastor Theologian Heistand Pretty good January
3.     Magnifying God in Christ Schreiner Good January
4.     From Heaven He Came and Sought Her Gibson Very good February
5.     Has the Church Replaced Israel? Vlach Good February
6.     Shepherding God’s Flock Adams Excellent February
7.     From Eden to New Jerusalem Desmond Good March
8.     Thomas Manton Cooper Decent March
9.     The Holy Trinity Letham Excellent March
10.  The Essential Trinity Crowe/Trueman OK April
11.  Heart of Darkness Conrad Good April
12.  Fate of Africa Meredith Bravo May
13.  Devoted to God Ferguson Very good May
14.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit Ware Good June
15.  Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture Goldsworthy Good June
16.  What is Biblical Theology Hamilton Pretty good July
17.  Blessed ** Bowler Bravo August
18.  The Golden Treasury Thomas Excellent August
19.  Only a Prayer Meeting Spurgeon Very good September
20.  The Grace of Shame ! Bayly Excellent September
21.  Puritan Evangelism Beeke Good October
22.  Boyhood and Beyond Schultz Very good December


Books Author Rating Month
1.     The Serrated Edge Wilson Very good January
2.     Histories and Fallacies Trueman Gag January
3.     The Real Scandal of the Evangelical Mind Trueman Good January
4.     Reformation Trueman Fair January
5.     The Conviction to Lead Mohler Pretty good January
6.     Paul’s Theology of Preaching Litfin Very Good January
7.     For the Glory of God Block Good January
8.     The Homiletical Plot Lowry Poor January
9.     Wordsmithy Wilson Great February
10.  She Calls Me Daddy Wolgemuth OK February
11.  Biblical Interpretation Bray Very good February
12.  Pulpit Aflame Beeke ed. Good February
13.  This Horrid Practice ! Moon Interesting February
14.  Courage to Be Protestant ** Wells Bravo March
15.  The Company of Preachers Lischer Pretty good March
16.  Amy Carmichael Murray Good March
17.  The Ministry Brown Pretty good March
18.  The History of Preaching Dargan Pretty good April
19.  Preaching to a Post-Everything World Eswine Pretty good April
20.  The Homespun Gospel Brenneman Very good May
21.  Reforming Fundamentalism Marsden Outstanding May
22.  On the Preparation and Delivery of Sermons Broadus Excellent June
23.  The Art of Prophesying Perkins Excellent June
24.  Preaching Christ from the Old Testament Greidanus Excellent July
25.  Preaching and Teaching from the OT Kaiser Very good July
26.  Ruth McKeown Very good July
27.  The Priority of Preaching Ash Good August
28.  A Complete Guide to Sermon Delivery Fasol No mas August
29.  Jewish Background of the NT Scott Ok at best August
30.  Slave MacArthur Very good September
31.  Invitation to Biblical Interpretation Köstenberger Not bad September
32.  John G. Paton Paton Unmatched September
33.  Strange Fire MacArthur Excellent October
34.  Expositional Preaching Helm Good October
35.  Engaging Exposition Akin OK October
36.  40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible Plummer Very good October
37.  The Supremacy of God in Preaching Piper Excellent October
38.  The Scripture Cannot Be Broken MacArthur ed. Good November
39.  Basic Bible Interpretation Zuck Outstanding November
40.  Between Two Worlds Stott Excellent December
41.  Eisenhower Ambrose Decent December


Books Author Rating Month
1.     Darwin on Trial Johnson Very good January
2.     Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns Gordon Very good January
3.     The Hole in Our Holiness DeYoung Really good January
4.     The Five Points of Calvinism Steele Very good January
5.     Ordering Your Private World MacDonald Very good January
6.     Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Stevenson Excellent January
7.     Silence Endo Good February
8.     Some of the Great Preahers of Wales ! Jones Fantastic February
9.     The Christian’s Pocket Guide to Islam Sookhdeo Good February
10.  The Covenant Michener Very good February
11.  Praying the Savior’s Way Thomas Pretty good March
12.  The Bondage of the Will Luther Excellent March
13.  The New Well-Tempered Sentence Gordon Fun June
14.  Finally Alive Piper Very good June
15.  Family Driven Faith Baucham Fair July
16.  Revelation 20 and the Millennial Debate Waymeyer Good July
17.  Because the Time is Near MacArthur Good July
18.  New Testament Exegesis Fee Ok July
19.  Sin and Syntax Hale Good August
20.  Preaching MacArthur ed. Very good August
21.  St. Andrew’s Seven Piggen/Roxborough Always great August
22.  Christ and Culture Revisited Carson Pretty good August
23.  The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text Greidanus Bravo September
24.  The Power of Speaking God’s Word Ellsworth Pretty good October
25.  Preaching with Variety Arthurs Ok October
26.  The Greco-Roman World of the New Testament Era Jeffers Very good October
27.  Biblical Preaching Robinson Very good October
28.  Exegetical Fallacies Carson Excellent October
29.  Preaching that Gets Through Olyott Very good October
30.  The Gospel for Muslims Anyabwile Good October
31.  The Imperative of Preaching Carrick Very good November
32.  Connected Christianity Azurdia Swing miss November
33.  Christ-Centered Preaching Chapell Outstanding November
34.  Paul the Missionary ** Schnabel Bravo December
35.  The Art and Craft of Biblical Preaching Robinson/Larson Pretty good December
36.  Parables MacArthur Good December
37.  Preaching? Motyer Pretty good December


Books Author Rating Month
1.     Ephesians ** Hoehner Bravo January
2.     Addictions Welch Helpful February
3.     Culture Counts Scruton Fine February
4.     Five Views of Sanctification Gundry Good March
5.     The Devil’s Dictionary Bierce Fun March
6.     Christ’s Prophetic Plans MacArthur Good March
7.     John Adams McCullough Very good March
8.     I Write What I Like Biko Meh March
9.     Twelve Ordinary Men MacArthur Good April
10.  Vintage Guide to Classical Music Swafford Very good May
11.  The Great Gain of Godliness Watson Colorful June
12.  Foxe’s Book of Martyrs Foxe Stirring July
13.  Flame of Yaweh ! Davidson Outstanding October
14.  Theonomy in Christian Ethics Bahnsen Excellent October
15.  Manly Dominion Chanski Decent October
16.  Letters of Samuel Rutherford Rutherford Very good November
17.  Coming to Grips with Genesis Mortenson ed. Take a bow November
18.  A Theology of the Family Pollard/Brown Good November
19.  Rules for Reformers Wilson Very good December
20.  Neither Poverty Nor Riches Blomberg Very good December
21.  Jan Christian Smuts Smuts Okay December


Books Author Rating Month
1.     The Spirit Has Come Andrews Good January
2.     Resisting Gossip Mitchell Pretty good January
3.     Swiss Family Robinson Wyss So much fun January
4.     The Forgotten Spurgeon ! Murray Excellent February
5.     Crazy Busy DeYoung Good February
6.     Preaching Pure and Simple Olyott Practical May
7.     Just Do Something DeYoung Very good June
8.     Deep Preaching Edwards Very good July
9.     Turning to God Wells Very good August
10.  Withhold Not Correction Ray Good August
11.  Strengthening Your Marriage Mack Helpful August
12.  The Essential Guide to Speaking in Tongues Phillips Gag September
13.  Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices Brooks Great September
14.  The Doctrine of Repentance Watson Excellent September
15.  Death by Living ND Wilson Indiscernible October
16.  Delighting in the Trinity Reeves Very good November
17.  Missionary Methods ** Allen Great November
18.  Hunting Eichmann Bascomb Good December
19.  What is the Mission of the Church? DeYoung Very good December
20.  The Truth About Same-Sex Marriage Lutzer Good December


Books Author Rating Month
1.     When Helping Hurts Corbett/Fikkert Good, bad June
2.     Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage Adams Very good June
3.     The Purity Principle Alcorn Excellent June
4.     Cry the Beloved Country Paton Surprising July
5.     The Trellis and the Vine Marshall/Payne Excellent July
6.     The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment Burroughs Take a bow August
7.     The Reason for God Keller Very good August
8.     A Gospel Primer for Christians Vincent Good August
9.     Reforming Marriage Wilson Very good September
10.  Saving Eutychus Millar/Campbell Good September
11.  Showing the Spirit Carson Good, bad September
12.  God Wants You Well Wommack Dry-heave October
13.  Calvin and the Biblical Languages Currid Okay October
14.  How to Speak How to Listen ** Adler Take a bow November
15.  Worldliness Mahaney Good November
16.  How to Help People Change ! Adams Excellent December
17.  Memoirs of a Ordinary Pastor Carson Very good December


Books Author Rating Month
1.     The Doctrine of God ! Bavinck Very good February
2.     What is the Gospel? Gilbert Quite good February
3.     Lindbergh Berg Good March
4.     Lectures to My Students Spurgeon Great May
5.     Creators Johnson Decent July
6.     Three Views of the Millennium and Beyond Bock ed. Very good October
7.     Politics According to the Bible ** Grudem Bravo December


Books Author Rating Month
1.     Christ and Culture Niebuhr Very good January
2.     The Epistle of the Romans Moo Excellent January
3.     Unbroken Hillenbrand Decent February
4.     The Pleasures of God Piper Excellent February
5.     Bonhoeffer Metaxas Underwhelming March
6.     The Apostle Pollock Very good March
7.     For Men Only Feldhahn Okay April
8.     Old Testament Commentary Survey Longman Good April
9.     The Birth Order Book Leman Fun April
10.  Bound for Glory Sproul Jr. Pretty good May
11.  A Simple Way to Pray Luther Very good May
12.  Family-Time Bible in Pictures Taylor Good May
13.  Last Light Blackstock Good June
14.  He is Not Silent Mohler Decent June
15.  The Horse and His Boy Lewis Very good June
16.  The Magician’s Nephew Lewis Very good July
17.  African Christian Ethics ! Kunhiyop Pretty good July
18.  Christian Beliefs Grudem Good July
19.  Modern Times Johnson Great August
20.  Vutlhari Bya Vatsonga Junod Good August
21.  Modern Art and the Death of Culture Rookmaaker Meh September
22.  Prolife Answers to Prochoice Arguments Alcorn Excellent September
23.  Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be Platinga, Jr. Insightful September
24.  The Peacemaker ** Sande Outstanding October
25.  A Theology of the New Testament Ladd Take a bow October
26.  The Christian Ministry Bridges Great October
27.  The Walk Card Decent November
28.  Love Your Neighbor Geisler Improved November
29.  ESV Study Bible Assorted Excellent December
30.  Decision Making and the Will of God Friessen Very good December


Books Author Rating Month
1.     Basics of Biblical Greek Mounce Good January
2.     Reformation Thought McGrath Good January
3.     The Deliberate Church Dever/Alexander Good February
4.     Respectable Sins Bridges Pretty good February
5.     Disciplines of a Godly Man Hughes Very good March
6.     Why Johnny Can’t Preach Gordon Underwhelming March
7.     The Doctrine of the Christian Life ** Frame Take a bow April
8.     Perspectives of Church Government Owen ed. Really good April
9.     English Grammar to Ace NT Greek Lamerson Okay May
10.  The Five Dilemmas of Calvinism Brown Good June
11.  Princeton and Preaching Garretson Very good June
12.  Greek for the Rest of Us Mounce Good July
13.  Pierced for Our Transgressions ! Jeffrey/Ovey Outstanding July
14.  A Journey in Grace Belcher Very good August
15.  Predator Blackstock Descent August
16.  The King James Version Debate Carson Very good September
17.  Quality Research Papers Vyhmeister Good September
18.  The Life of A.W. Pink Murray Excellent October
19.  The Reformation Nichols Good October
20.  Master Leaders Barna Meh November
21.  On the Internet Dreyfus Blah December


Books Author Rating Month
1.     The Five Points of Calvinism Steele/Curtis Very good January
2.     The Chosen Potok Very good January
3.     The Confessions Augustine Excellent January
4.     The Mind of South Africa Sparks Good, bad February
5.     The Expository Genius of John Calvin Lawson Good February
6.     Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life Whitney Good March
7.     Introducing Early Christianity Guy Decent March
8.     The Story of Christianity Gonzalez Good March
9.     John Calvin Parsons ed. Pretty good April
10.  Jesus the Evangelist Phillips Decent April
11.  The Message of the New Testament Dever Pretty good April
12.  The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God Carson Very good May
13.  Pontius Pilate Maier Excellent May
14.  MacArthur’s Millennial Manifesto Waldron Good, bad May
15.  Faith in the Medieval World Evan Okay May
16.  9 Marks of a Healthy Church Dever Very good June
17.  Culture Shift Mohler Decent June
18.  Missions and Money Bonk Very good June
19.   Homework Manual for Christian Living, V. 1 Mack Very good June
20.  Is Jesus the Only Savior Nash Good July
21.  Complete in Him Barrett Very good July
22.  New Testament Commentary Series Carson Good July
23.  Countering the Claims of Evangelical Feminism ! Grudem Excellent August
24.  How to Win Friends and Influence People Carnegie Good, bad August
25.  Evangelicals Engaging Emergent Henard/Greenway Poor August
26.  Radical Chic and Mau-mauing the Flack Catchers Wolfe Weird September
27.  Here I Stand Bainton Excellent September
28.  Love Your God with All Your Mind Morgan Pretty good September
29.  The Gospel Blimp Bayly Good October
30.  Why Cumbereth It the Ground? Brooks Poor October
31.  Deception Alcorn Good October
32.  The Lamb and the Fürhur Zacharias Decent October
33.  The Great Commission Klauber Good November
34.  Israel and the Church Diprose Excellent November
35.  The Shack Young Gag November
36.  How to Read a Book ** Adler Take a bow December
37.  Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview Morgan/Craig Pretty good December