DSCN1162Friendship is like gold: found below the surface.

William Ward was a missionary to India and teammates with William Carey and Joshua Marshman, famously called the Serampore Trio. For thirty years they locked shields in pioneer missions. At the commencement of their communal living, Ward wrote:

I tremble, almost before we begin to live together. So much depends on a man’s disinterestedness, forbearance, meekness and self-denial. One man of the wrong temper could make our house a hell. Much wisdom will be necessary. It is but here and there that one makes conscience of strangling thoughts, and of esteeming others better than himself. Only few are fit to live in such a settlement as ours is to be, where selfish passions must be crushed, and the love of Christ swallow up all else.

Seth and Amy Meyers are exemplary missionaries and good friends. Find out more at Son of Carey.

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