“Sickness is Illegal” and Other Prosperity Sound Bites

IMG_0224Here are some gems from a recent prosperity crusade in a nearby village:

  1. “This DVD is anointed. Buy it for R150.”
  2. “Tonight is our night to receive our healing. In the name of Jesus, no one will die.”
  3. “For you to receive your healing, you must establish in your heart that God is not your enemy. For you to receive your healing, accept yourself. Love yourself. Forgive yourself.”
  4. “I have good news for you. You are healed.” [Spoken to the entire crowd of hundreds]
  5. “I am angry at sickness. You have the right to live in divine health.”
  6. “Sickness is illegal in your body.”
  7. “It is very possible to live life with no sickness in your body. I am an example. When pain comes, I command that pain to leave my body. God wants you to live without sickness.”
  8.  “I’m not trying to boast. The last time I had a headache was in the 80’s. I protect myself with my words. The Bible says: ‘Death and life are in the power of the tongue.’ I command my body in the name of Jesus.”
  9. “I want you to bring your R100, I will touch it, and when you take it to the bank, it will become a million Rand.”
  10. “Say bye-bye poverty. Say bye-bye sickness.”

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