Review: She Calls Me Daddy: 7 Things You Need to Know About Building a Complete Daughter

Robert Wolgemuth, Focus on the Family, 1996, 2014, 256 pages, 3 of 5 stars

screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-10-43-56-pmI had never heard of Robert Wolgemuth until I watched “Unexpected Grace”, a video directed by my friend Nathan Bollinger for Revive Our Hearts Ministry. It tells the marvelous story of Wolgemuth’s marriage to Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

I found the video so intriguing that I decided to read one of his books. The first volume he ever published, She Calls Me Daddy, was also his best-seller. Since then he has written a number of other books, many of them on family. Having two daughters of my own, I figured this was a good place to start.

He wrote Daddy while his two daughters were out of the house and in their twenties, so there is plenty of experience and grandpa-ish-ness throughout. The book has sold so many copies for a reason. Wolgemuth is funny, transparent, masculine, and a good story-teller. I laughed out loud several times, which makes sense since one of the chapters was on the importance of laughing with your daughter.

This book, however, could be a let-down for some people. The majority of his points were common sense, matters which for those raised in Christian homes are easily taken for granted. In some places he acts as though he’s really taking a  strong stand (interviewing the boy who wants to date his 16 year-old daughter unchaperoned), where I don’t think he was strict enough.

Still, I thought of several Dads in my area who would really be helped by a book like this. Most fathers have a difficult time shepherding, conversing, and showing affection with their daughters. Wolgemuth tells us how. I would recommend the book, but it’s definitely not for everyone.


  1. “As your daughter grows, her need for protection from physical dangers will diminish, but her need for protection from emotional danger will increase.” (57)
  2. “Never, ever punish for youthful forgetfulness, clumsiness, and honest mistakes.” (105)

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