30 Reasons it is Good for Christians to Suffer

John G. Lake, Zion City evangelist and co-founder of the Apostolic Faith Mission in South Africa, laid out one of the strongest pentecostal cases for the superhuman ability to overcome sickness. Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science, in her 1875 manifesto Science and Health, disavowed the reality of sickness and death–arguing suffering comes from mental errors. E.W. Kenyon believed physical healing is God’s intention for humanity. Kenneth Hagin claimed: “I have not had one sick day in 45 years.”

Creflo Dollar urged Christians to cure poverty with dollar bills hidden in their shoes. A.A. Allen claimed a fat woman lost 200 pounds before his eyes at a healing crusade. Bill Johnson of Bethel Church has said it is always God’s will to heal people. Gloria Copeland encouraged her readers to die a glorious death at age 120 by “divine appointment.” Oral Roberts mailed out thousands of handkerchiefs with an imprint of his anointed hand to bring healing. 

In contrast, Scripture teaches suffering is often God’s will. Here are 30 reasons it is good:

  1. Suffering is one way God shows His love toward his children (Hb. 12:6).
  1. Suffering reveals a guilty conscience (Ps. 38:3).
  1. Suffering prepares us for heaven (2Co. 4:17-18).
  1. Suffering teaches us humility (2Co. 12:7).
  1. Suffering will make us like Christ (Phil. 3:10).
  1. Suffering may be judgment upon our sins (Ps. 107:17).
  1. Suffering produces perseverance (Rm. 5:3).
  1. Suffering is an opportunity to express joy (2Co. 8:2).
  1. Suffering helps others see Christ in us (2Co. 4:11).
  1. Suffering gives us assurance of our salvation when we persevere (2Th. 1:5).
  1. Suffering helps us to obey God’s word (Ps. 119:67).
  1. Suffering is used by God to give us a broken spirit (Ps. 51:17).
  1. Suffering reminds that our life is short (Ps. 90:10-12).
  1. Suffering is used by God to save the lost (2Tm. 2:8-10).
  1. Suffering is used by God to accomplish good (Gn. 50:20).
  1. Suffering reminds us that God keeps his promises (1Pt. 4:12-13).
  1. Suffering is the road all true Christians must take to reach the kingdom of God (Ac. 14:22).
  1. Suffering helps us to relate with Jesus Christ (John 15:18-20).
  1. Suffering reminds us that there is a better world yet to come (Rom. 8:18).
  1. Suffering is one of the requirements of being a disciple of Jesus (Lk. 9:23-24).
  1. Suffering is used by God to display his work in us (Jn. 9:3).
  1. Suffering teaches us how to grow in our obedience towards God (Hb. 5:8).
  1. Suffering shows us our need to rely on God (1Pt. 5:7).
  1. Suffering leads us to repentance (2Co. 7:9).
  1. Suffering increases our endurance (Jms. 1:2-3).
  1. Suffering teaches how to comfort others who are suffering (2Co. 1:4).
  1. Suffering binds Christians together in a common goal (Rv. 1:9).
  1. Suffering in the present reminds us that the future is far better (2Co. 4:17).
  1. Suffering followed by perseverance will bring us rewards (2Tm. 2:12).
  1. Suffering gives more glory to God because of our weakness (2Co. 12:9).


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